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So awhile back, there was this chick that had a boyfriend. Let's call her Sassy.

Sassy's bf was also a co-worker of us both, and we all worked for the same company after Sassy was hired a few months after me and the bf started. The bf was a cool cat, he was a Chiefs fan and we talked trash about the Chiefs vs Broncos in the break room. Other than that, we never really spoke.

Sassy's 1st day on the floor was a memorable one. She stood STOUT, and had the body of a model. Recently graduated from Syracuse, starting a Master's program in the Fall. East coast accent, and a smile to freakin die for. All of the fellas were staring with dropped jaws and she was quick to tell em all that she had a bf she was happy with. Now would be a good time to name the bf - let's call him John.

John never tried to interfere, he sat in the back corner with confidence and a smirk, knowing that Sassy wouldn't give these dudes the time of day since they had been together happy the last 2 years.


So of course, I like to look. But at this time, I had a lady at home and only came to work to work. But for some strange reason, and probably part of a sick joke from my managers - when Sassy came out of training, she was seated across the floor - directly in front view of me from a distance. No sweat, right?

The first week was cool, until one day she looked up after a call and stared directly at me. I looked around, trying to play it off...but when I looked back, Sassy had her eyes locked on mine. The 45 second mutual stare down was finally interrupted by another group of co-workers walking in between our paths...and I can't say I looked up for the rest of the day.


The next day, as I walked to my desk and sat down....I noticed Sassy walking my way. John started his shift 2 hours later and I remembered that as I instinctively looked towards his desk and noticed an empty seat. Sassy walked right up to my desk, smiled and says, "Hey Rodney, how you doing today?"

I tell her, "I'm doing ok - better now."

Sassy lowers her voice and leans in closer, "Look, I know everyone being nosy, but I want you to email me - ok?"

I nod my head and she walks away without me looking up. Now I'm thinking to myself, 'Damn, here we go again...'

Of course, I had to immediately comply and see what she wanted - right? I mean, my whole desk area now smelled like her Vickie's Secret Body spray - my hormones were in a rage!

So I shoot her the email: "Wassup lil mama?"

The reply comes back within seconds, "You. So you know I got a man but I know you got a girl..."