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Ok so listen up, this is a story about my belligerence. Don’t read if you can’t handle…you’ve been warned.

So this story starts off circa 2009 ...

I consider this the pivotal point in my Art of Cheating episodes….I was at a crossroads. Long, storied and successful career of being the ultimate Playboy….and now in a position to either learn from my mistakes or become consumed by them.

It’s the end of the summer. I am now technically a single man - and I say technically for a reason. Let’s catch up.

Kelly and I have been broken up for about 4 years now. I won’t tell the story of HOW we broke up…this is just another side story in the Art of Cheating…a side episode if you will. It is important to explain some things about the breakup however…because what happened after the breakup helped create the MONSTER in today’s story line.

Ok so I left Kelly (yes I left her) for a younger, bubbly, bi chick who introduced me to a whole new world of xxxcitement. Let’s call her Shay - short for Sashé. Ok so me & Shay had a very open relationship. Not open as in ‘open lines of communication and honesty’ - though we did have that element for the most part. But open as in….she loved chicks as much as I did and was open about me fucking other women. We had plenty of 3somes, orgies, and wild nights…..as a happy couple.

My relationship with Shay was unique in the fact for the time I was with her….I cheated the least. With her, in the beginning - I could talk about my urges with others…and act out on them. She LOVED to see me fuck another chick in front of her. This was my everyday life for the years leading up to TODAY’s story.

So Shay and I did our thing up until about a year before where this story begins. A year ago, me and her went thru this HUGE breakup that left me HURT….I mean HURT like WHO HURT YOU type hurt.

I came home from work one day in the summer of 2008 to find all of her shit moved out, she suddenly had enough. Now remember, I cheated the least with Shay, so when we broke up - I had no other chicks on the side. So to come home and find that she’s moved out and left me with all the bills for about 4 months until the lease was up - that shit destroyed me. I remember feeling like not knowing how to move on. I just couldn’t swallow the fact that after the type of life I led before…I could now be alone. I go from waking up daily to multiple chicks all in the same bed…to waking up on an air mattress watching porn.

And then the reason why Shay left is even more crazy. After we had our sexcapades and mutually let each other explore desires with no limits….she ended up leaving me to fuck with chicks only.


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Ok so the weeks after Shay left, I was a sick puppy. But everybody knows the best temporary fix to a broken heart is a bunch of new pussy.

By the summer - I’ve regained my mojo. Shay is a thing of the past and now I’m out for blood. One of my lines in a song I wrote was 'Twisted is the mind of a nigga scorned…’ - and this shit best sums it up for where I was at this point where I’m now ‘technically single’.

There’s that word again.


I’m single, cuz I don’t answer to anybody. But I was truly single for only about a week after Shay left. 'Single' is used pretty broad around the world. In ‪#‎HoLLyWorld‬, I'm much more technical vs literally speaking. And literally speaking, single means 'one or without another'. Single doesn’t mean non-committed...non-committed means non-committed. A nigga can be non-committed and ‘not single’, in fact that’s the proper way to describe what most people mean when they say they are ‘single’. You’re single if it aint another muhfucka in the picture that you can call…for whatever. Eventually I had new bitches on deck…I mean let’s be clear...

I was emotionally & financially single when Shay left…but physically-speaking, I had plenty of access on my newly formed roster. I’d managed to build a huge wall to keep bitches out emotionally & financially speaking, and trust me when I say this - this is where the real belligerence began.

With Kelly, I still had a heart - believe it or not, so there were feelings to be spared that I went to great lengths to spare. And with Shay…like I said, I cheated the least…so even with all the wild shit going on then, I still kept it honest & fair…

In Summer 09 tho, no feelings were to be spared or considered…I literally had stopped giving a fuck about a bitch in a way never before. I lived for the belligerence and dogging muhfuckaz out at this point, it was how I regained and kept my strength. From a Jedi to a Sith Lord in the mastery of the Art of Cheatingthis is where we find HoLLy as this story begins.

I’m out for blood, I’m out for revenge.

So it’s July...maybe August 2009. I’m out clubbing doing my thing, ‪#‎HoLLyShades‬, in full character…ya dig? Long story short, I finally run into Shay after 8 months of no contact. And this muhfucka is looking the best she’s ever looked in life this night. This story isn’t about her, so I won’t describe Shay’s features here. Just to know who she is is enough. Anyway, me and Shay bump heads and then knock boots that night…no big deal - we all fuck our ex again right?

Well after that, we can’t stay away from each other, suddenly re-opening the floodgates of emotions & feelings all over again. She wants to patch things up….but I’m still scorned overall. She kinda still got me…but she aint got me - y’all know what I mean.

The monster in me is now in a love/hate relationship with Shay…for the first time ever, I now have the desire to dog her out…the perfect revenge. Again…now I’m on the dark side of the Force with this shit.

Ok so a few weeks pass, and I'm at this photo shoot. There’s a bunch of models, they’re half naked…you know how it goes. Ok well there was this one…let’s call her LISA.

LISA is where this story of belligerence begins...