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Last night was mad real. My breath reeked of dry gin, and my clothes were stained with vomit of whatever had been my last meal. My head was pounding, heart thumping as I laid still...eyes closed shut.

It had to be midday by now, I felt like I had been lying face down forever. My keys were in the right pocket of my khaki shorts, pressing hard against my thigh. I knew my leg had to be bruised, I could feel it throbbing with irritation.

Sounds of India Arie's first album 'Acoustic Soul' poured out the speakers a few feet to my right - damn that shit seemed too loud. I could hear Kelly's voice to my right, talking even louder above the music.

KELLY: "Girl that's what I asked when they carried him in! Did somebody put something in his drink? But they just kept saying 'naw, that aint how it went down."

ANA: "Yeah cuz you know that happened to my friend Teresa, girl she couldn't remember shit, ok? I thought the bitch was in a coma."

RENEE: "Oh that's right, I forgot all about that - at Jerry's lil party or whatever! Yeah see you gotta be careful, that's why I don't be drinking for real when we go out!"

KELLY: "Tilt ya head this way Ana. Hell, I don't know - but his ass been laying there in the middle of the floor for almost 7 hours..."

RENEE: "Girl shut up, why they didn't carry him to the bedroom?!?!"

KELLY: (laughing) "They barely carried him through that front door, it was only Ricky and Malone. Yall know how little Malone is..."

ANA: "Girl I cannot see Lil Malone tryna carry somebody!"

RENEE: "Now which one is Malone? You know I get all his frat brothers mixed up - I don't know how you deal with that. Better than me, that's the truth."

KELLY: "You learn names after a while girl, hush up. Malone is the little short, crazy acting one. Always act like he done drank a Red Bull - hyper n'shit..."

RENEE: Right ok, I think I know which one you talking about. Now who else was helping him cuz you sholl right - Malone little ass aint bout to be carrying nobody, not even Rodney's boney ass..."

Kelly went on to explain to her 2 cousins again how I ended up in the middle of the living room floor, and hadn't budged much since. The important parts of it I could remember vividly, as I heard Kelly tell the story for the 50th time.....


"I'm coming - hold on - damn!!!" Kelly screamed in frustration as Ricky beat on the front door like the police. Or maybe it was my other frat brother Malone beating on the door while Ricky held my nearly limp body up on his shoulder. I honestly can't remember who was doing the holding and who was doing the knocking....I can say for sure tho that I remember vividly the anger and irritation on the other side of the door.

"Nuuupe she bout ta bee maaad at yaalll," my voice was hoarse and words slurred.

"Nigga she bout to be mad at yo drunk ass, that's yo girl fool," Ricky chuckled.

My knees buckled as I struggled to stand up straight, and my eyes were low - hurting from the sun shining down directly on the door stoop. My back was sore as shit and it seemed like Kelly was taking forever to open the door. She always slept naked tho, so more than likely she was trying to get decent.

It was the summer of 2003. Kelly and I had been living together off campus since last semester. She was going to be a senior the upcoming fall, and I had decided to enroll in grad classes and moved back to the Burg.

Big mistake. A recent college grad such as myself still had a lot of partying to get outta my system - and the Burg was just the right place to do it.

The Ques had a probate show the night before - a party and after-party followed. The party after the after-party was at Malone's crib - and he and Ricky were just now dropping me off at home. Like I said....last night was mad real.

"Come on bro," Ricky nodded at Malone as they helped me up on the door stoop and toward the doorway. Then at me, "Rod watch out nigga - do NOT get that throw-up on me Nupe!"

The stench from the bottom of my shirt was still fresh, and I tried to lean away from Ricky to avoid touching. My right knee was in excruciating pain so I barely made it.

At that point, the door swung open furiously and Kelly stood there in a pink robe, arms folded.

"Ok now yall it is 6:30 in the mutha-fukcin morning - I cannot WAIT to hear this shit!!!" she yelled. Then, without budging...and more calmly, "Go on, I'm listening..."