The "Web-isodes" draw you in....


The highly controversial novel - The Art of Cheating, inspired by true events, brings everything full circle.

“So, again….tell me everything you know about this,” Sashé looked me in dead in the eyes, eager for answers. If there was one thing she had learned about me at this point, it was my demand for detail.

“Tell you everything I know about what?” I replied calmly, matching her gaze. “Be specific with me Shay. You know I’m big on the details... ”

“Yes, you are and trust me - that’s what makes this all that much more intriguing!” she bit her bottom lip in curiosity. “I still learn something new everyday with you. Ok ok, let me rephrase it….so we both stay on the same page.”

“That would be helpful,” I shot back quickly, with the perfect hint of sarcasm underneath my charm.

Sashé was unmoved by it, and anxious for my insight. She spoke slowly and clearly…..making sure I took every word in.

“Tell me……everything. Everything ok? Everything… know…………..about the Art of Cheating. Everything."

Meet HoLLyRod - the quick-witted, sex-crazed, smooth-talking playboy with a unique talent for a special habit. From the lies & sneaking to different alibis for the weekend, when it comes to cheating - HoLLyRod is the expert. Years of stepping out on his college sweetheart Kelly has led to dozens of wild & lustful episodes…and a cycle not easily broken. There’s rules to this game, and HoLLyRod sticks to the code above all costs. 

She’s spontaneous & wild…..uninhibited and carefree.

She’s the internet model sensation known as Sashé - the perfect mix of sexy & class. Her career has potential to go far, but it’s a hard task to keep her conservative boyfriend Keith just as happy as her growing fan base…which makes her secret appetite for sexual taboos that much harder to keep to herself.

When feelings become involved and loyalty & hearts are broken, what started off as a lustful agreement between 2 cheaters soon becomes a gateway into a whole new world of kink & pleasure. With HoLLyRod’s music set to take off, and new faces of temptation now becoming a threat for all involved - will the true colors behind the Art Of Cheating be revealed before it’s too late??? 

Cheating is a work of art. This is the masterpiece that is The Art of Cheating