Once upon a time, he was almost innocent. Campus Record takes us on a trip down memory lane…back in HoLLyRod’s early days of discovering how to creep around. 


It started off as a plan to keep Destiny from finding out about Elaine. To do that, HoLLy had to keep their affair hidden from the entire campus, not a simple assignment for one of the newest members of the hottest fraternity on the yard. The fact that Elaine had a jealous ex-boyfriend back at home made things somewhat easier - she was totally down for keeping shit lowkey in the beginning.


But then there was Cindy, the church girl with those late night cravings - she needed somebody to kumfort her & satisfy her hunger on the under. And then Briyahn…the feisty St. Louis freak with a crazy fetish for bending rules. She was supposed to be off-limits according to her hot-tempered, overprotective big brother - a campus legend from back in the day who chose the streets over school. 


Keeping all of these flings under wraps has been tougher than any class taken over the last 2 semesters…and now that Destiny has transferred to another university - this fall session was supposed to start off with a little less pressure. Instead, when Elaine sees the opportunity to put her bid in for HoLLyRod in front of the whole campus…midterms & finals come earlier than expected for this crash course lesson in The Art of Cheating.