All this madness about Cosby & women being taken advantage of needs to be stopped! What about all these women out here who ask for it? Men get taken advantage of too!!! #AllRapesMatter




 Good afternoon & Happy Tuesday to all my admitted cheaters & those still in denial!


What a ride 2015 has been so far!!! Can this year get any crazier?!?

I mean - what the fuck is next?!?!


It seems like everywhere I turn - it's a bunch of troubling shit going on in this world along with a bunch of stupid muthafuckas weighing in with their bullshit opinions!!!


Take this Bill Cosby shit, for instance. Let me just say what everyone is really thinking! Enough is enough!!! So you got all these women coming forward after all of this time - and we're supposed to act like their stories matter?!? Everybody is talking about these rape victims as if some women don't put themselves in that position! Why isn't anyone bringing up all the women in the entertainment world who are out here willingly partying on sex drugs & alcohol?!? It's way more of them than women who are victims to sexual abuse! Most of these women coming to the limelight now just want fame & MONEY anyway!!! And what about all of the MEN in the world who are taken advantage of sexually...and the women who use sex to get over on their male victims?!? The women who cry rape after in fact giving consent?!?! Women put shit in men's drinks too!!! Why are we only focused on the female side of the fence?!? Men can be raped too!!!



Is it not true that #AllRapesMatter?!?!













Ok....now seriously - let's #stopTheMadness. None....and I mean absolutely none of what I just said made much sense!! I would hope that most of you caught the sarcasm in my intro, but for those that didn't and thought I was 100% serious - I hope all of you got pissed off & considered boycotting my site for being insensitive & disrespectful to women who have been taken advantage of against their will. While some of what I said had truth to it...the bottom line is that regardless of all the promiscuity & provocativeness that may go on in the underground nightlife - none of it undermines or devalues the rights of those who have experienced sexual abuse. I don't know if Cosby is guilty or not - but to discredit his accusers' right to justice on account of all the things they could've done differently to not become a victim is the most ultimate form of disrespect any one person can show in a controversial situation like this.


Yes - all of the details & dynamics to the incident in question do matter before one is deemed guilty. Yes...of course, all the other women and men who have been victims of sexual abuse matter. It is true that all rapes matter. However, when it comes to raising awareness, the problem with this type of generalizing is that people in this social media era use it as a means to selfishly draw the attention away from a specific issue at hand, and force their opposite opinion. It turns into a war for whose cause is more important.


But even in this no-holds barred era of freedom of speech - there are just certain things people know not to disrespect, sexual abuse cases being just one of many.


The NFL helps celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month in October...changing up teams' uniforms & logo themes to include splashes of pink everywhere. We all get in the spirit as fans, sporting pink jerseys & pins. Breast cancer is so common, it's affecting 3 million women a year in this country. In comparison though, pancreatic  is the most deadliest cancer - you're lucky to live even a year after being diagnosed. There's basically no cure. Yet, you never see anyone running through the football stadium screaming out #PanCanAwareness in the middle of #BreastCancerAwareness events. And what about the other types of cancers that take our loved ones away??? 

Again...of course it's true that #AllCancersMatter...hell....we all know it's true that #AllDiseasesMatter for that what it's worth. So why don't you see social media or real life activists trying to switch up the message during sexual abuse or cancer awareness campaigns??


The word is respect.


People support what they respect & believe in...and downplay what they don't.  


That's the real topic of today's blog...and the focal point of my thoughts lately - as in half-my-life lately. What the fuck do we have to do to earn some respect? We live in a fucked up world....more specifically - a fucked up country in America. While most of the serious, or popular issues that people bring awareness to are treated with respect instead of hashtag or meme wars...when it comes to the area of JUSTICE & EQUALITY in this country - we still have light years to go.


Take these images for example:




 If you pay close enough attention, you'll see that the most common causes that are blatantly disrespected in this country are race-related issues. Even a blind man can see that blacks are treated with the most aggressive & deadly methods of law enforcement in this country - yet the crusade to change that narrative is an epidemic.


It's one year later. The whole Mike Brown case in Ferguson hit home for me like many of us, mainly because of how the local media & police were trying to cover it up moments after it happened...but then the fact that I was actually in St. Louis made it even more personal. To the people that say tweeting or posting Facebook stats isn't a form of taking action - I say #stopTheMadness. If it wasn't for the power of social media & the thousands of people locally here in the Lou posting pics & live footage from the scene and city - the world would have been left to the initial reports that this was just a random attack on a police officer who defended himself, and that shit woulda got swept under the rug. Imagine that. I can remember how shook up the city was - all the calls in to the radio station with witnesses giving their version of what they saw, which was nothing like the 1st reports from St. Louis media about the shooting.


The #HandsUpDontShoot message was a cry for #JusticeForMikeBrown - another unarmed black kid who was murdered at the hands of a white officer with a history of brutality & playing dirty. But no sooner than the people rallied together to bring Officer Darren Wilson before a judge & jury - a hashtag war was started by the people on the other side of the shooting, with phrases like #PantsUpDontLoot & #JusticeForDarrenWilson going just as viral. It didn't matter that over half the world could see all the injustices & mishandling by the Ferguson police department in the Mike Brown murder...it didn't matter that Wilson was still alive & the Ferguson police was found to be corrupt - those that support police brutality towards young black teens felt like their causes mattered more, and they worked diligently to promote their side. They were really trying to put up a fuckin #PantsUpDontLoot billboard to further make a mockery of the frustration in the community surrounding Brown's murder!!!!!


This is what we deal with in this country full of racial tension. A lack of RESPECT.


Take a look at these next images:



The Eric Garner murder was captured on video and they still didn't hold those cops responsible for his death. People of compassion worldwide showed support for Garner by popularizing the phrase #iCantBreathe, the final words he screamed out in mercy as cops choked him to death for selling illegal cigarettes. Like in the Mike Brown case, the opposition felt the need to promote the opposite messages of #iCANbreathe & #BreatheEasyDontBreakTheLaw....once again creating segregation among the general public.


If you supported Eric Garner, you were bashed on social media & by the police groups...antagonized as the police departments nationwide declared that deadly force was acceptable in the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. One police official even tweeted threats to 'anyone who can't breathe or feel like their lives matter' - daring them to meet him at the movie theater while he was off duty - as shown in one of the pics above. This type of senseless disrespect is obviously racially charged - you don't see this type of shit in cases of police brutality that involve non-minorities. There's a double standard elephant in the room that not enough people are wanting to acknowledge - blacks don't get enough respect in the justice system & in this country overall...even in death. As if we are still in early post-slavery days...we are still expected to be treated like animals and not speak up about it. When the police take our lives, we get put on trial - they'll justify murder at the hands of authorities for our style of dress....they start a smear campaign to imply our lives don't matter if our backgrounds have flaws.


Yet......no one can offer explanation when the same type of brutality happens to those of us who don't break any laws or dress a certain way.



Martese Johnson, student at the University of Virginia, was beaten to a bloody pulp by police after they wrongly accused him of using a fake ID to enter a nightclub. They arrested him, charged him with obstruction of justice. After the investigation proved that Johnson did nothing wrong and was compliant with officers - the charges against the student were dropped. However...the officers were also excused of any charges - another clear cut case in which excessive force by the police is justified. After the charges against him were dropped, Johnson made the following humble statement in regards to the police profiling him: 


"I hope that people will finally see that it doesn’t matter who we are. It does not matter if we had a previous misdemeanor charge, or if we smoked marijuana, or if we had a bad academic career. I did none of those things and still fell victim to the same treatment that young black men before me experienced, whose situations were justified by their ‘bad’ behavior."


America offered no explanation for why this happened to Martese, an active student  on the campus & in the community. When students & supporters flooded the University of Virginia campus grounds with #NoJusticeNoPeace & #BlackLivesMatter posters & chants....it was treated with the same amount of respect when the hashtag movement started - little to none. Anytime we try to promote that message...we are quickly silenced by those who would die before they see our message delivered ahead of their agenda. This reverse psychology is sickening to say the least, and it baffles me how some people don't see the racism in this pattern of 'correcting' the slogan.



So white lives, blue lives, all lives must matter before we can focus on the disparaging amount of black lives taken by police??? That's a bunch of bullshit! This isn't a black vs white thing. This is a racist vs non-racist issue. Just like with all the cancer awareness or sexual/domestic or child abuse cases or whatever else...when we lose our lives at the hands of discriminating, dirty cops - our message to bring change deserves to be heard.


What's interesting is that there are a number of police officials who agree, and will stand up for what's right. But considering how those police are shunned by their peers & in some cases, even reprimanded for publicly taking a stand - it's evident that a large number of police feel some type of negative way when they see the #BlackLivesMatter phrase. Look at how the police helps the media go on to blame the victim even in instances where police misconduct was confirmed or seen in footage. #BlackLivesMatter makes them feel like they have to have some sort of opposite stance - which is fuckin nuts!!!


The people who change it to #AllLivesMatter are doing as much of an injustice because that distorts the original intended message. I'm not the only smartass that feels this way...it's not exactly rocket science...



It's time we get more demanding in our respect, and now more than ever. If you can't see the purpose behind phrases like #BlackLivesMatter then just keep your personal opinions to yourselves. You don't go around disrespecting other tragedies...let people rightfully have their moment!!! Quit using it as an opportunity to push some other agenda you think is more important or the reason behind so many police killings - this racist shit has been going on in this country long before any black-on-black crime or black folk getting 'mouthy' with police was happening. The bottom line is that it's driven by white supremacy racism - nothing more. It's not the victim's fault when their life is taken by police, and it has nothing to do with how that victim led their life or how that victim's peers lead theirs. What matters is proper justification of lethal force in that moment and 9 times outta 10 - the police behave excessively in these killings. Blacks have always been treated differently with the laws - stop helping them deny it by pointing at other things!!

Pay attention to the facts listed below...let it marinate...



Shifting a #BlackLivesMatter moment to a finger-pointing at #BlackOnBlackCrime is just another distraction. Yes, we understand the violence in our community needs to be stopped. So does the violence in all communities. All crimes matter. But that's a separate, unrelated movement that again doesn't have to compete with #BlackLivesMatter. We have to be able to hold those sworn to protect us to a higher standard than a civilian criminal. We must not allow the authorities to keep justifying excessive & aggressive force behind their racist fears. The numbers just continue to add up...to attempt to silence the awareness is to condone the violence. Officers have been caught red-handed, profiling, acting outside of policy, and then lying on reports to make deadly force seem imminent.




How hard is it to respect the fact that folks want answers...that folks just want justice for these deaths?!?!



We are still at war in America...and until the justice system shows apparent change, nothing can be assumed coincidental. But more importantly...the courtesy of respect for these tragedies needs to be more universal - in the same manner that we humans can respect all other plagues in society. This shit just irks me to the max....how in 2015 we still have to deal with being silenced. I find myself boiling inside when I see these egotistical ass bastards talk negatively about the #SandraBland tragedy - I mean, we all seen the dashcam footage for ourselves and could clearly see she was targeted & profiled! The police should be held responsible for her death & at the very least, people should have enough respect for the family to not be disrespectful with their know-it-all opinions!!!


I've even seen Facebook posts from so-called pastors taking the side of the police department and saying Bland caused her own arrest by being a ' typical, ignorant & loud-mouthed black woman' - all I could do was pray for him & myself for all the rage I felt just seeing this man's face in my newsfeed. I wonder if the people with all their opinionated views ever stop and think about how painful it is bury a family member. If they've ever had to say goodbye to a young life that barely had a chance to live? What type of person do you have to be to seriously say someone got what they deserved in these tragedies?!? White supremacy has roots so deep...it's even manipulated the minds of some of my fellow brothers & sisters - we are truly in the middle of troubling times with all the excuses for racist disrespect.



I could go on & on about all the shit we continuously humble ourselves to. The white terrorist church shooter who gets treated like royalty during his arrest, how the judge asked for people to support the killer's family. How quickly & loudly these killer cops get supporters to raise money for their legal fees & retirement. When a black civilian kills another and gets caught - they get raped in court & locked under the jail! So tell me again how black-on-black crime is related to #BlackLivesMatter??? Show me where you see this type of financial support for a murderer when the killer isn't white and/or the police?!?!


The bottom line & word is RESPECT.


We don't disrespect victims of terminal illness with stats or stories about 'other' diseases. We don't disrespect the men & women who have given their lives fighting for the military in this country. We don't disrespect the women who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse. It's time black lives get the same extended courtesy. It's a fact that not every white person is racist...and it's a fact that not every cop in America is a bad one. But it's also fact that we are indeed surrounded by racists and bigot cops...and it's fact that they are being protected after treating our lives with no regard.


Hell...since I started typing this rant out - we've had an unarmed black college football player killed by a rookie cop in Texas, and yet another police shooting at protests in Ferguson...on the anniversary of Mike Brown's murder! Another 18 year old shot, after police say he was one of the shooters at the protest..though he didn't have a gun. There were even FULLY armed white men patrolling the streets at the protests - calling themselves 'Oathkeepers' - threatening anyone who does property damage they would use deadly force! WTF?!?! Look for yourself...and ask yourself why all the racist practices & insensitive commentary you'll find about these incidents is so common.



Then while you're at it - ask yourself, what if the prime suspect in this Cosby situation was a white man named Woody Allen??



Would people then respect the alleged victims' stories a little less???



Smh...how soon we forget...









 - HoLLy