Education vs Pay Grade

They say that education is the key. But is it the key to knowledge or the key to a big pay day?? One may ring more true than the other...


 Good morning to all my admitted cheaters and those still in denial!


I know I'm getting off to a late start. Man my weekend was one of the busiest so far of 2015 and I'm a little glad it's over & we're into a new week! I've already hit the ground running....hopefully all of my fellow grinders out there are as motivated to do some great deeds leading up to Memorial Day!!!


So it's GRADUATION SEASON folks! And as always...families from all over are coming together to show their support for the graduates. This is especially a special time for lots of us who took pride in education & we travel to see our loved ones cross the same stage we walked so long ago. Well I guess for some of us it wasn't that far back...but hey it's easy to forget we all aren't old as dirt like myself. Anyway, today's message is about education.

Education is a key essential in this world. The question is rather it's the key to a mandatory level of knowledge...or the key to a worthy pay day?? One may ring more true than the other.


I attended multiple ceremonies over the I said, it was very busy few days. I had the pleasure of hearing chess legend Garry Kasparov as the guest speaker at Saint Louis University on Saturday, it was quite a treat. For one, I'm really into the game...and this guy was an icon in the chess world. If you're not familiar - this guy was not only a chess genius but he also had a IDGAF attitude while holding the world title from 1985-2000...sending out big fuck-you's to the powers that be every chance he had. A real HoLLy-like character if you've ever seen one - so yeah I was all ears as he spoke. 


So anyway, dude kept it real matter-of-fact like I expected...and spoke on the importance of things like civil awareness, in light of the many injustices going on in our country right before our eyes. Kasparov surprised many listeners when he said that turning a blind eye to government inequality is just like administering the discrimination yourself. He spoke with real passion and referenced what he went thru with the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union. I was impressed.


But what really took me into deep thought was when he talked to the graduates about continuing to dream big...even after your dreams come true.


He talked about how after he became World Chess a lady told him she felt sorry for him because the greatest day of his life was now over. It fucked him up...and gave him more motivation to set new goals, and accomplish new dreams. His message was for the students who were feeling like they were on top of the world in that moment...after all that hard work & dedication had finally paid off & became worth it. I had to ask myself - after the memory of being 1 of those graduates who felt like I had finally done it - is that a legitimate feeling in itself?


When you walk that stage...and get that piece of paper, is that the day it all finally pays off and becomes worth all the sacrifice & hard work? Education is a necessary that I will always be all for. But is education the key to a necessary level of enlightenment....or is it simply the gateway to a better pay grade in this capitalistic society we all are a part of?


What is it really worth to us?


I guess it depends on who you ask...and at what point in time in life you ask them the question. I think for most of us...that initial gratification of completing your degree is short-lived, especially when you get that 1st student loan payment bill. What good is that piece of paper when you owe $$$ for the next half of your life for it? When most people sign up for a higher education - aren't they doing so for the potential higher salary instead of the education & enlightenment that comes along with the course work?


I don't know....maybe you're like me. I was one of those kids who was always told that all you had to do was go to college and you'd be set for life. I didn't go to college looking to major in the field that pays the most...or even with a payday in mind. I had the mindset that I was there to learn about shit I knew nothing about...and to stuff my brain with as much knowledge as I could during the time I was there matriculating. I went to school for the lessons...but not necessarily to apply it to a career. For myself, getting that piece of paper meant the world to me. On that day...I had accomplished something major and I really did feel on top of the world. I wasn't even thinking about what comes next. There was that much power in what I had dedicated myself to in getting a degree and in the promises I had made to people no longer with me.


Somewhere along the line we all figure out that whether you go to college or not - you still have to earn a living. Whether that day you walked that stage felt like your greatest accomplishment or still have a set of bills that need a big pay day to square shit away. You can be the smartest person on your side of the won't mean anything unless you're getting paid for your knowledge base. Getting the degree is just half the achievement - society now needs you to go to work...the final step is how you prosper financially after your schooling. Some of us start off with this mindset, the rest of us realize this truth after the dreamy feeling of goal accomplishment goes away and the student loans start accruing interest.


I guess my real point here is to not lose sight...even if you have to gain a more clear understanding through hindsight. These years fly by so quick...and that school stage is the key to setting you up for the rest of your life in more ways than any of us realize. How you are looked at not only in the workforce, but in society as a whole comes down to your educational background - that's where you're judged first. How you're able to move financially comes next...but these 2 statuses go hand-in-hand. The 2 should also be a continuous should continue to increase your education & pay scale each time you reach a new level. That's the surefire way to keep dreaming...and keep dreaming BIG. 


There's no question that education is a key essential in this world. The question is rather it's the key to a mandatory level of knowledge...or the key to a worthy pay day. One may ring more true than the other.







As always....I hope everyone has a great week, thanks for reading...and leave comments below!! I'm still working on the latest in  #TheArtOfCheatingEpisodes...I'll get the 2nd half of the story up asap! Don't sleep on this one and PAY ATTENTION to the details!!! Trust really wanna read this one closely! And to my readers rushing me...I love you & thanks for (not) being patient!!! Lololol for real tho...I don't blame y'all, I shoulda been done with this one!! I'm on it...I'm on it!!!


Stay focused folks! Until next time...  


- HoLLy