HERE today....GONE tomorrow....

Life is short. Everything in it....everyone you love & hate....can be here today - and gone tomorrow....


 Good morning and Happy Monday to all my admitted cheaters and those still in denial!


I hope everyone's weekend was filled with enough memories for a thousand episodes, and all of my readers are motivated to have a great week.


This weekend was a rough one for me, and I'm still recovering from a #Hangover of sorts as I type this out. See yesterday, 4/12 was a bittersweet date for I spent most of the day torn between celebrating & grieving.


April 12th is a day of celebration for me because it marks the anniversary of my crossing into Kappaland. Yep, that's right folks - 16 years ago...I, along with 4 other young gentlemen who I consider brothers for life, crossed the burning sands & completed our journey into Nupeyhood, ending a pledge process that lasted 7 weeks & 1 day. I mean...damn - 16 years!!!!


Where did that time go?!?!?


It's really crazy how time flies yo....


That's the subject of today's words...I'm in a different type of mood today, more reflective than anything. And my train of thought is wrapped around the whole concept of time - how quickly things can short this thing called life is.


See...yesterday was also a day of grieving for me - as 4 years ago, I lost my dad on April 12th. And it's crazy too...I really can't believe it's been 4 whole years anymore than I can believe I've been a Nupe for 16 years. It's really true when they say - here today, gone tomorrow....your life as you see it now can be completely different within the blink of an eye.


My pops was one of my closest friends, though it didn't start off that way. We had plenty of ups & downs over the years...mainly from my parents' separation when I was just a youngster. I had a lot of resentment as a kid - it seemed like for the longest everything was peachy with my folks, and then...just like that...we went from a happy household of 4 to a broken family in the blink of an eye. Mama hit the road with me & my sister...we went from Kansas City to San Diego to Saint Louis within a year. By the time I was in 8th grade, I had attended 5 different public schools in 4 years. I saw my dad maybe 3 times during those when we moved back to Kansas City after Mama passed away, I had to sort of start my relationship with Pops all over again.


And now...he's gone.


I can't even pick up the phone to call Mom or Dad - yet it seems like only yesterday I heard their voices in my ear...fussing at me about some bullshit.




The shit all seems like it was ages ago, but then again everything happened so fast that it's almost like I never had time to truly reflect. Does life ever feel like that for y'all? Like shit moves so fast that you never really get to react properly? The time we all have with each other isn't permanent...sure we all know that, right? Still...for me, it seems like I get more than my fair share of limited time....I'm permanently in temporary relationships - family & friends alike. 


I can remember everyone I've lost along the way without much thought, but when I try to think about all the people who actually helped me get through those losses - I get stuck. That means that I probably don't think about those folks enough - all the shoulders I cried on at all those devastating funerals I've been at front row. The people who have your back in your time of need sometimes don't get the proper recognition, until you lose them too.


Life is fast-paced, so's amazing how quickly my circle has changed in the short few years it's been since Pops was laid to rest.


 I'm big on the journey...and have always understood that you're only ever as strong as your support system. Show some appreciation to yours today....both present & past. You'll be surprised when you think about it - how there are people out here in this world who've helped see you through some of the most difficult times in life....people who helped make you the person you are today - and you probably haven't talked to them in ages.  


So that's where I'm at right is just a day of reflection for me. I'm at my best as a writer when I'm in emotional reflective don't worry - I'll be cooking up some dope shit for your future entertainment. In the meantime...I wanna take you all on a different journey of reflection....with this week's episode. This story is pretty deep...lots of detail, and has a little bit of everything. I want everyone to get into this we're gonna take our time with each chapter.


Check back throughout the day and week for the new parts, and the never-before-posted ending to one of the wildest journeys in #TheArtOfCheatingEpisodes....


As always....I hope everyone has a great week, thanks for reading...and leave comments below the blog & final chapter on each episode!!!


 - HoLLy