Everybody is FAMOUS....

Everybody is famous at some point in life....in their own way....in their own capacity....in their own world....


 Good morning and Happy Monday to all my admitted cheaters and those still (yes...STILL) in denial!


Hopefully everyone's weekend was awesome & full of excitement, camera flashes, and autographs.


Ok, I might be going over the edge with the 'autographs' piece - but you get what I mean. Hopefully whoever is reading this had a superstar weekend. Today's #HoLLyThoughts are centered around that concept...that 'superstar' mentality we all live by at some point.


Aight so if you haven't already, make sure you visit the #HoLLyPod & grab that new Kendrick Lamar album - it's an instant classic & #HoLLyApproved! I'm rocking to the intro track the other day, and that's when it all hit me - EVERYBODY is a STAR! On the album's 1st track, K Dot samples an old sleeper by Boris Gardiner titled 'Every Nigga Is A Star'. Now of course, this song released back in 1974 had a different spelling of the N-word...but this is #HoLLyWorld so stick with me here before you start Google-checking. Yes - the song title & chorus is as explicit & belligerent as it could have been back then, and even in today's times, it's quite bold. But the message in the hook is also quite true.


And not just for niggas...I mean on some real shit - everybody's had their own taste of stardom. Think back to the beginning, when you first started developing that personality of your own...when you were the cutest kid in the room. Back when all your family would gather around the dining room at reunions & birthday parties to watch you out-dance and outdo all your cousins & siblings. Back to when you would mimic Michael Jackson or Beyoncé as if you had been in this world before. You knew you were dope, and you knew everyone else thought so too.


Remember when you had the coldest bike on the block - and nobody stood a chance racing you to the corner? The whole neighborhood watched how you sped past with ease...you burned rubber in the streets like a boss - you felt on top of the world. You'd stay awake all night if it meant making sure that bike was safe...you knew back then about the haters. You knew then everyone couldn't do what you do, and you knew your talents were special.


The older you got, the more crowds you came across.....the more groups you became a part of. And no matter what crowd you ended up in....every crowd had stars that stand out....and at some point - you were one of those stars. Whether you were the spelling bee champ, cheerleader captain, or dance recital soloist....you stole the show and blew the audience away. When it was your turn to step up to the plate, make the clutch catch, or steal the inbound pass - you didn't let your viewers down.


Everybody's good at something. And when you're known for doing what you're good at...when you perform the way people expect you to - a certain level of stardom comes along with that. We all have been in that spotlight for one thing or another - and knew what it was like to have the crowd cheering for you. That's all fame is...being known by many for doing what you do best, or a little better than others. Even if it's only in your circle of friends & associates...and you're the one known for always being dressed fly or being the most in shape & fit....you become a star in your own right. Some comedians are only famous in their locality....some actors may never get the big role - but they're still famous to somebody just the same.


You may not be world famous....or halfway close to the best in the world at doing whatever you're gifted at. You may not sell millions of tickets to your show, or get thousands of views on your posts. You may not have everybody rooting for you...but you also don't have everyone rooting against you. We all have supporters who admire our work in this life.


And the world is big enough for plenty of stars. So when you're not in the spotlight, and the stage isn't yours to steal, don't be afraid to cheer on the next person's time to shine. In the end...we all get our turn to be famous, right?


What will you do in your spotlight today?


 - HoLLy



 So this week's episode is another classic in #TheArtOfCheatingEpisodes...and it's filled with stars! Porn stars, knockout artists, & cheating legends! Hahaha....don't miss this one, it's sure to have you on the edge! Have a great week & stay tuned....I have soooo much more coming soon for yall!! Thanks for reading...leave comments below the blog & final chapter on each episode!!!!






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    Jas (Monday, 06 April 2015 14:53)

    I guess my FAME is in the future. lol Cuz i ain't NEVER felt famous. #GottaGetMyFameUp lol
    *P.S. I like this Blog Spot you got. Lemme browse around*

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    CHEM (Monday, 06 April 2015 23:53)

    Famous for making niggaz knees lock & eyes rolling to the back of they head, while I throat a thick one...