Welcome to HoLLyRod's

Make yourself kumfortable....I promise to keep it steady...

HoLLyRods.com has officially launched! I know it's been a while, and I want to thank everyone for your continued support. I've been working hard on many great things to come in my hiatus, and hopefully you are just as excited as I am about the release. 


This site will be the one-stop place for everything HoLLyRelated, including all new installments in the short-story prequel series #TheArtOfCheatingEpisodes!


Navigation is very user-friendly, and the site is optimized for mobile-viewing. For the novice fans, I suggest viewing in Standard Mode, or from a desktop for the full experience. The standard desktop view should auto-play the music to go with the episodes/media pages - if u are viewing from a mobile device you must manually hit the 'play' button if you choose to experience the episodes or site with audio.

Also - for those of you on Apple or iDevices, you'll have to view the HoLLyVision section of the site in the MOBILE version to see the images since the slideshow is in Flash format.


Either way you choose to indulge, there's plenty to keep you entertained - this I promise you. I take my art seriously, and how it's presented to my audience is most important.


So here's the plan:


#TheArtofCheatingEpisodes will continue to be as they always have been - bonus side episodes to the book's main story line you've all been waiting for. New episodes will be released EXCLUSIVELY through this live blog, and can be accessed in TAOC Episodes tab in the Main Menu columns once posted in their entirety. So if you're anxious for new shit....I would suggest you pay close attention to this blog. I'm just saying....


And for those of you who've never read an epsiode or missed any of the leaks before...you can catch up NOW and get up to speed before I post the new episodes. Trust me....you don't wanna miss a beat!!!

Post any questions or comments below, and let's have some fun!


#TAOC is real......and back like never before!



 - HoLLy